Co-Operative Housing Society

Key features of the product:
  1. Maintenance bill payment
  2. Payment gateways
  3. Tenents Management
  4. Visitor and security control
  5. Society accounting web application
  6. Communication and organizing events
  7. System infrastructure
  8. Personalized members mobile app
  9. Documented regulations
  10. No personal data required

Jupiter-CHS is a cloud-based Housing society management and accounting software. It includes tools and required softwares for all the necessary processes to be maintained in managing a housing society all under the housing society regulation laws of India.

Jupiter-CHS allows the integration of finances and member participation in the housing society into a convenient experience with just a few clicks. Once subscribed, the society can easily use the resources available for the betterment of the society that otherwise isn’t even known to many.


With Jupiter.