Hospital Management System

Key features of the product:
  1. Hassle-free appointment booking
  2. Easier Management of Medical reports
  3. Conveneint bill payment
  4. Bed and Pharmacy Management
  5. Clinic Promotion and Brand building
  6. Appropriate email, reports and SMS alerts automation
  7. Finance and accounting
  8. Hospital/Clinic website

Jupiter-HMS is a cloud-based hospital management software system used in account of managing activities and processes in a hospital/clinic with ease. It includes tools for managing beds, patients and pharmacy to accounting for increasing the ease of doing business.

Jupiter-HMS allows the integration of all the hospital processes that are necessary for essential business while scheduling patients and their payments with just a few clicks. Once, subscribed the resources can be used to effectively manage all the resources in the hospital such as beds, patients, appointments, and many more.


With Jupiter.